Vice Lords

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Greetings to all my FOLKS once again. This is an article I decided to post to help yall better Understand tha People Nation. AllAsOne

Almighty Vice Lords Nation is a People/Brother Mob made up of mostly blacks.

Their colors are Red, Gold & Black

Their symbols include 2 Crescent Moons, Playboy Bunny w/Bowtie, Glove, Cane, Tophat, Martini Glass, Dice, Dollar sign ($), 5 point Star, 22-12, AVLN, VL.

Their spin off sets include Conservative Vice Lords, Traveller Vice Lords, Unknown Vice Lords, Mafia Insane Vice Lords, Cicero Insane Vice Lords, Imperial Insane Vice Lords, Insane Vice Lords, Undertaker Vice Lords, Spanish Vice Lords, Renegade Vice Lords, Four Corner Hustlers (4CH), Outlaw Lunatic Traveling Vice Lords

Their founder is Edward “Peppilow” Perry

The Vice Lords are considered the oldest active street gang in Chicago. A neighborhood gang known as the Vice Lords existed in the Lawndale community on Chicago’s Westside possibly as early as the 1940’s. The Vice Lords started to fragment in the early 1950’s, not really adopting a title or under the basis of a street gang. Their origination can be traced back to late 1950’s in the St.Charles Illinois Youth Center which is a juvenile correctional facility. This group was founded by Edward “Pepilow” Perry and six other men from different sides of the Lawndale community. Edward Perry was raised as a Vice Lord before entering the St.Charles reformatory. Few members from this group were believed to also have relevant ties to the Vice Lords street gang. This group of Vice Lords became established as a gang by 1957-58 throughout the St.Charles reformatory. Upon release, members of the Vice Lords wanted to spread their influence of brotherhood throughout their community. Through 1958-to-1961 the Vice Lords operated as most pre-existing White gangs did, adopting that of a “social-athletic club” concept. Members who been released started to gather together and focus on recruiting the youth in their neighborhoods. By the early 1960’s, the Vice Lords were committing theft crimes regularly due to the extreme poverty level in the Lawndale community. The Vice Lords also started to engage in fights and turf wars with rival gangs. The Vice Lords grew at a rapid pace gaining in members on the streets through acts of intimidation and bravado. The Vice Lords started to build their empire on acts of violence, shrewd tactics, and installing fear into the neighborhood. The organizaton began to grow at a rapid pace, while members were also able to recruit and absorb other Westside street gangs into the Vice Lords to add strength to their presence on the streets. However, eventually as members of the gang started to make their way back into the correctional facilities the hierarchy of the Vice Lords realized a different direction of leadership was needed to improve their organization. In 1964, high-ranking members of the Vice Lords congregated for a discussion on what direction the organization was to go in to help better themselves and their community. Edward Perry wanted to transform the group into an organization that was dedicated to the youth of Lawndale. This formation would become known as the “Conservative” Vice Lords. The Conservative Vice Lords first main base of operations was in the vicinity of 16th & Lawndale in the Lawndale neighborhood and are considered the first official branch of the Vice Lords Nation.

In the 1960’s, the Conservative Vice Lords transformed their street gang into an organization devoted to the economic and social empowerment of the African American community. During the mid 1960’s violence was everywhere in Lawndale and the Vice Lords has no choice but to be in the middle of it. While many members of the young generation were getting older, they wanted to follow in the positive foot-stops of the older generation, however, many members could not avoid the violence and continued to be involved in criminal activities on the streets. During these events, the top members of the Conservative Vice Lords such as Edward Perry, Bobby Gore, Alfonso Alfred, Calloway, Goat, and Cupid to name a few began the discussion of a “new thing”. A positive vision was argued and suggested strongly on behalf of Bobby Gore. The hierarchy tried to stress to the younger generation to not follow in their foot-steps, in the aspect of experience in committing crimes, prison, and death. With the civil rights and Black Nationalist movements sweeping the country, the Conservative Vice Lords sought a better way to support their community instead on contributing to the down-fall. The idea of converting the Conservative Vice Lords into a business and doing something positive and productive for the community originated. Through the mid 60’s, the Conservative Vice Lords struggled with members being incarcerated and involvement with criminal tactics, while other members were trying to move into a more positive approach. In 1967, the Conservative Vice Lords made significant changes to their operations and started to unravel more loosely in the community. The CVL’s started to get involved within the works of the community and political activism. The Conservative Vice Lords often found ways for children and young men to get off the streets, for example, the organization converted a pool hall at 3655 W. 16th street into a hang-out for Lawndale’s youth. By this time, the organization as a whole had grown to have 10,000 members and approx. 26 branches that were expanding throughout the Westside and other parts of the Chicagoland area. The organization seemed to finally be guiding into a venerated direction.

Bobby Gore has been a member of the Conservative Vice Lords since 1958 and is considered one of the original Vice Lords. In 1966, the civil rights movement came to Chicago Bobby Gore marched with Dr. Martin Luther King on the Westside during the summer of the riots. Bobby Gore introduced David Dawley into the Conservative Vice Lords. David Dawley was the very first White Vice Lord and former Peace Corps volunteer who committed himself to helping the Conservative Vice Lords transform. With the support from David Dawley and Fred Hampton of the Illinois Black Panther Party chapter, Bobby Gore became the founder of Conservative Vice Lords, Inc.. In 1967, as the Conservative Vice Lords began their programs, Bobby Gore was appointed as the Spokesman. Bobby Gore is said to of had a good vision to repair the CVL’s and the Lawndale community. Gore was also said to have the appearance, congenial personality, and obvious sincerity that won him accolades from businessmen, the press, politicians, and even the police. In 1967, the Conservative Vice Lords disowned their “gang” label and stated, “We are not a gang; we are a corporation, nonprofit and legally constituted in the State of Illinois”. The Conservative Vice Lords started to open establishments and work with other corporations while they proclaimed their program was self-helped and the purpose was for the developement of social and economic freedom for Black youth. Bobby Gore along with other members of the organization had to take on jobs, such as helping people who were evicted from their homes, helping keep poor children in children in school, and monitoring other programs the CVL Inc. created. In 1968, Conservative Vice Lord leaders went to Washington D.C. and the corporation was able to obtain financial federal grants to launch legit businesses, social-clubs, and educational programs, etc. The Conservative Vice Lords opened up many establishments including “Teen Town”, a popular hang-out for teenagers, Tastee Freeze parlors, the African Lion (pool hall), Simone Cosmetics, and the Westside Paper Stock Company, which was created to encourage schools and students to recycle their paper and plastic bottles. Educational programs were also developed to motivate children and teenagers to do good in school. A project called the “House Of Lords” was established to supply a location for an after-school program that would provide free turtoring and a place to do homework. There was also a program setup with Malcolm X College that enabled Lawndale residents to conveniently take a G.E.D. exam. CVL Inc. paid several employee’s with goverment funds, giving impoverished African Americans legal jobs to help better their community. In an over-all view the Conservative Vice Lords of the 1960’s along with Conservative Vice Lords Incorporated was the hope and inspiration that the Lawndale community needed. Bobby Gore was their central figure in their transformation from a street gang into a pro-social organization.

Although, the Conservative Vice Lords had been experiencing a great change under the motivation of Bobby Gore and his vision, in the late 1960’s some set-backs took its toll on the Conservative Vice Lords and CVL Inc. In 1969, David Dawley for unknown reasons relocated to the East coast. However, he was said to have sent the Conservative Vice Lords thousands of dollars in more grants. However, on November 14th, 1969 Bobby Gore was arrested on murder charges that had taken place three weeks previous outside an Ogden Avenue tavern. Thurman Williams was shot and killed around Ogden & Homan on Chicago’s Westside. Many speculate that Bobby Gore was innocent and was framed by law enforcement for the murder. The actual shooter was suspected to be someone known as Clarence Conn, who acted as the sole witness in the case against Bobby Gore. On March 10th, 1970 Bubby Gore was sentenced to 25-to-40 years in prison. While in prison, Bobby Gore never gave up hope, and tried his best to keep the Conservative Vice Lords from going back to selling drugs and hardcore criminal activities. Rather then participate in the gang life in prison, Bobby Gore worked to keep the peace. Bobby Gore was called the “Kissinger of Stateville”, for his peacemaking between gangs. Bobby Gore joined the Jaycee chapter in Stateville and later became the President. Bobby Gore was said to be instrumental in setting up positive programs for inmated and fighting for inmate rights. While in prison, Bobby Gore earned his Associate of Arts Degree with honors from Wright Jr. College, Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lewis University, and a Bachelor of General Science Degree from Northern Illinois University. The arrest of Bobby Gore lead to many events and changes within the structure and organization of the Conservative Vice Lords and CVL Inc.. In 1969, Edward “Pepilow” Perry and Bobby Gore both resigned as leaders of the Vice Lords. In 1969, the Conservative Vice Lords embarked on a great experiment to harness the power of the streets to build a better future using funds from private foundations. The original Conservative Vice Lords believed the youth of Lawndale was capable of great things.

Through late 1969-to-1971 the goverment grants and financial funding for CVL Inc. started to fade due to mismanagement of funds. By 1971, the programs, businesses, and clubs were shutdown due to lack of funds and support. After Bobby Gore was incarcerated many of the high-ranking CVL’s “retired” as many of their generation was either incarcerated themselves or dead. Lack of leadership caused disarray within the organization and many members wanted to step-up and take new positions of leadership. By this time, there was thousands of Vice Lords on the Westside of Chicago, with many groups living on other sides of the city. Due to the consistent problems in leadership, the Vice Lords resulted in various splits and mergers among sets and groups of the organization. In 1971, the Vice Lords started to break-off into seperate factions and fall back into drugs and criminal activities. These factions were all mass-members of the Vice Lords Nation, however, each had their own predominant leader and preferences. In follwoing events, Willie “Minister Rico” Johnson took over control of the VLN. Bennie Lee became one of the more well known Conservative Vice Lords leaders in the 1970’s and early 80’s. When Willie Johnson assumed leadership over the organization, the ideology to accept all racial and ethnic backgrounds into the Vice Lords Nation was adopted. This is one key factor that angered small groups of the Vice Lords and further influenced the trend of seperate factions. Today, it may be recognized that only certain factions allow White’s and Latino’s, etc. into the organization. Throughout the 1970’s, the Vice Lords continued to grow at solid pace on the streets and in the prisons. Some factions originated in the correctional facilities and spread onto the streets upon the release of sanctioned members. As more hardcore gang-members were released from prison, the Vice Lords started to expand their operations well into the Southside and Northside of the city including various Chicagoland suburbs. Each faction of the Vice Lords contains a structured ranking system similar to the likes of this one: Each faction has a King (leader), a Minister, five and three Star Universals, five and three Star Elites, etc.. In the late 1970’s, the Vice Lords started to re-establish relationships with other organizations such as the Black P. Stones and Latin Kings. In 1978, the Almighty Vice Lords Nation was a founding organization of the People alliance. All factions under the Vice Lords belong to the People alliance. Throughout the late 1970’s and 1980’s the Vice Lords expanded widely on the Southside and Northside of Chicago under many different factions. In 1979, when Bobby Gore was released from Stateville he was propositioned that he could get “filthy rich” if he re-joined the Conservative Vice Lords, but he said that CVL has changed and is immersed in the drug trade. He said that wasnt his way, and he hated what drugs did to his community and what happened to the organization he helped transform.

Throughout the 1990’s, Willie Lloyd played a significant role in the Vice Lords leadership from inside the correctional facilities. Willie Lloyd was convicted of second-degree murder on a Police officer in Davenport, Iown in 1971. In 1991, gang wars sparked among members of the Vice Lords and Black P. Stones street gang in various parts of the city. Soon after, the same events occurred with the Vice Lords and the Latin Kings street gang. Although the Vice Lords principle enemy are gangs that belong to the Folks alliance, the organization has had on-and-off again wars with many gangs belonging to the People alliance. Often times different factions of the Vice Lords may conflict with eachother or battle of drug turf. Although there are many seperate factions that exist today, all Vice Lords follow the same by-laws, and no “renegade” philosophies are allowed in the correctional facilities. In recent years, inter-factional feuds and wars have plagued the Vice Lord Nation. For example, Willie Lloyd has experienced several assassination attempts from his lieutenants in the Unknown Vice Lords faction; he was recently ambushed and shot several times in the West Garfield Park neighborhood and critically wounded. Willie Lloyd has been previsouly engaged in political activism and claimed to be retired from gang life. He even lectured at various meetings and colleges throughout Chicago. Willie Lloyd founded the Unknown Vice Lords in the Garfield Park area in the early 1960’s. After being incarcerated in the 1970’s for shooting a sheriff deputy in Iowa, he was ordained as “spokesperson” for the Vice Lord Nation. Willie Lloyd was released and later incarcerated again on weapons charges. He was released in 1992, and immediately became intangled in an inter-factional feud when certain lieutenants made an attempt to kill him after financial disputes. In 2000, the Conservative Vice Lords leader, Elbert “Pierre” Mahone was brutally murdered after being kidnapped. Elbert Mahone was a 5 Star Univeral Elite and second in command, to current leader Willie Johnson. Elbert Mahone portrayed himself as a community activist and was known to invest in Black owned enterprises, including the E2 nightclub. His murder is suspected to been carried out by members of the New Breeds street gang. The Vice Lords and New Breeds have quite a history and often compete in the Lawndale community.

A large number of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang no longer consider themselves a Vice Lords faction at all these days. Though Ray Longstreet is considered the official leader, in reality the group has various leaders and sub-factions. In addition, it is not uncommon for two separate Vice Lord factions to engage in war. An ongoing war between the Traveller Vice Lords and Unknown Vice Lords is apparent in the Lawndale nieghborhood and the Mafia Insane Vice Lords and Undertaker Vice Lords have been in conlfict in several areas on the Westside for quite some time. The Traveller Vice Lords were targeted in two separate major operations in the late 1990’s. From these operations, law enforcement were able to arrest and later convict Traveller Vice Lords leader Andrew “Bay-Bay” Patterson, who oversaw a crack cocaine distribution ring in the Lawndale area. Later, the F.B.I., DEA, and CPD arrested the other top-raning Traveller Vice Lord, Terry “T-Fly” Young in “Operation Fly Trap”. T-Fly oversaw the distribution of narcotics on the Westside, most prominantly in the Henry Horner Homes and Rockwell Gardens housing projects. He was actually employed as a Dixmoor police officer while serving as the organizations Chief. The leader of the Mafia Insane Vice Lords, King Troy Martin, and dozens of his underlings and rank-and-file members were recently indicted on drug charges. This, along with the demolishing of their headquarters, a housing project high-rise located on East 41st South & South Prairie Avenue, will surely hurt the organization. Willie “Minister Rico” Johnson currently resides in Tamms supermax correctional facility.

The Vice Lords Nation remains one of the largest and strongest organizations in Illinois. The Vice Lords easily account for 32,000+ on the streets and in the correctional facilities. The Vice Lords are the second largest street gang in Chicago and operate in nearly every part of city. The Vice Lords are a majority Black organization, however, many factions have members of other ethnicities and racial backgrounds. The Vice Lords have numerous factions that make-up their organization, some of the well known are: the Conservative Vice Lords, Traveller Vice Lords, Mafia Insane Vice Lords, Cicero Insane Vice Lords, Unknown Vice Lords, Insane Vice Lords, Undertaker Vice Lords, Imperial Insane Vice Lords, Spanish Vice Lords, Outlaw Lunatic Traveller VL’s, 4CH Vice Lords, and various others. The Vice Lords principle enemies have consisted of the Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Spanish Gangster Disciples, some sets of the New Breeds, some sets of the Mickey Cobras, some sets of the Black P. Stones, and some sets of the Latin Kings, along with virtually any Folks allied street gang. Some sections of the Vice Lords rarely “gang-bang”, being more concerned with earning income from drug sales, however, some sections are extremely violent and will not hesitate to protect their territory. The gangs primary criminal involvement has consisted of graffiti, drug trafficking, assault, armed robbery, theft, auto theft, extortion, kidnapping, shootings, and murder. The Vice Lords control a vast portion of the Westside of Chicago, including many strongholds along Chicago Avenue, 16th street, Cicero Avenue, and Austin Blvd., including numerous area’s of operations on the Southside, Southeast side, Northside, Northwes side, and various Chicagoland suburbs. The Vice Lords have a large membership outside of Illinois which include sanctioned and unsanctioned chapters. The authenticity of many proclaimed satellite chapters are limited. The Vice Lords have a presence in over 30 States throughout the United States, however, a slim number may actually have ties to the Vice Lords in Chicago today. Many groups have gained influence throughout the correctional facilities and prisons in the United States. Never the less, the youth of Lawndale, the Almighty Vice Lords Nation has grown to be one of the most historic and well known street gangs in America.


Understanding tha Opposition

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Greetingz of Love,Honor and Respect to all my FOLKS.

I have been exposed to much of tha culturez that yall been disrespecting and would like to show you a little bit about them that you may not Know…

  The Latin Kings are the largest Hispanic gang and are united under one leader. They do racially mix latins and whites. They are violent and will openly challenge prison staff. Insults could result in violent retribution. They have 3 levels #1 Inca, #2 Cacique, which is their warlords, #3 Royal Crowns. They organize like a business with treasurer, secretary and ambassador.

THE A.L.K.N. Constitution

I) CHICAGO is the motherland of the mother chapter of the Latin King Nation. (AMOR DE REY) Originated in Chicago, Latin Kings are 360 degree strong in knowledge, Understanding and respect.


II) THE CROWN Once a brother is crown, He shall carry himself with a respect that no one can reach. His respect his shield and his sword is to all those who try to break him.

A CROWN is worn in your mind as well in your heart as a symbol of victory, Honor and knowledge
(Unless other wise specified)


RESPECT. is for your brother, the crown and the Nation. A brother respect will show high regard to the Nation.
HONESTY. is marked by truth, your word is your crown and your crown is your nation. A king will live by his word
UNITY. is in the condition of being united into a single whole one for all and all for one.
KNOWNLEDGE. is knowing of your lesson and prayers, gained through the study and experience of your nation.
LOVE. Is what you carry in your heart for your brother and sister of this nation.


BLACK. is for the knowledge of our ancients and our superiors of our past.
GOLD. is for the sun that shines on us and brings light to our crown.
RED. is for the brothers who shed their life for the cause of our nation.




3-WARLORD.———————————————STONE GREEN.
4-CROWN OF ARMS.———————————-STONE RED.


On the five points of the crown there are five small diamonds, these small diamond represents your five senses.
1. seeing 2. hearing 3. tasting 4. touching and 5. smelling. Which makes a man complete as well as our crown.

VIII)WHEN SALUTING. making a fist with your right hand(CROWN), you hit across your chest then extending out into the three points is your salute represents your willingness to die for your brother, your crown and the nation.

IX)A KINGS WOMAN. is his queen. She will honor you as you honor your crown. Forever with total and absolue respect.


Latin King Family

God please care for this family as your family of these saints, give the strength among us all to help each other until no end is amplify. Our kings by our race in multitude and fill us with joy that only you can give, thanks be to god.
Amor De Rey

Have Mercy

Have mercy our father on our enemy, Open the door that he may be my friend. If he acts right, I will be decent if he acts bad he soon shall repent, give me your blessing.
Amor De Rey

Mortal Warrior

I am a Latin King in every moment. Protecting my crown with all my life, it is my sacrifice in every mission to be readily available until death rendering my heart of thee I ask our heavenly father forgive my sins and free my soul.
Amor De Rey

Our name are as our father named us, we are yesterday, today and tomorrow. almighty father, king of kings, hear us as we come to you in one mind, body and soul. In true wisdom, respect, knowledge and understanding, bless our chief as one as they are and always been. Bless our warriors that they maybe strong in war and also in peace. Bless the nation of the almighty Latin Kings for we realize that you are the best and wise of all seeing eyes. for we are and shall always remain your chosen people of the lion tribe, the sun tribe and the most holy tribe under the sun, At prayers we stand upright with our right fist across our heart up to 360° strong of kings wisdom, we are and always remain your chosen people, we are yesterday, today and tomorrow, Latin people forever
Amor De Rey

Our Father
Our father King of Kings, you can have my heart at your will and let your sun shine upon our colors as your sun shines upon the earth.
Amor De Rey

Prayer for Deceased
Receive this soul, Our heavenly father as you recieve our body in life, we share this love of our grief and with his love we will follow. God bless you.
Amor De Rey

Parts to the Crown

Respect-Consist of black, this is a first stage of a king up rise. An awareness of the experience of this nation. Black represents the respect he has for his crown & nation & study of our history & nations custom. A king is given this sacred crown for the respect he has for his brothers, crown & nation.

Honesty-Consist of one black & one gold all the way around. This crown represents a balance that has been created between a brother knowledge & a brother respect thus able to express himself with sincerity of honesty that is marked by a king’s life.

Unity-Consist of 5 black & 5 gold all the way around this crown represents one people (latinos) Amor De Rey! This crown represent one for all & all for one

Knowledge-Consist of 15 black & 1 Gold all the way around, this sacred crown represents a kings experience of the knowledge he has gained of his nation.

Love-Consist of 15 gold & 1 black all the way around, this crown represents love the most fundamental kind of love by this I mean sense of responsibility to love any human-being, our A.L.K.N. & any creature on this world, love is also stable ability of commitment to our nation.



1) The Puerto Rican Flag
  A. Red-The Blood
  B. White-The Peace
  C. Blue-Liberty/The Ocean


1)Peurto Rico
5)Dominica Republic

The Puerto Rican Flag is respected as if it was your crown, because your crown represents your nation. This flag represents the majority of the “Almighty Latin King Nation”.

2) The Body- The entire physical structure, the whole frame which is 360° complete, respect your body and treat it well for its this body that walks you through the nation. a Kings body is his armor and protector of the heart and soul.

3) The Heart- Is the central force of your body and nation. The heart gives life to you body as it protects your nation.

4) The Soul- Is your being of expressing a deep feeling. The life and spirit of your nation.

5) The Nation- People organized under a single government and race. “Latinos” we are brothers who came together to form a nation of respect, knowledge, honesty, unity and love… (Amor De Rey)

6) Violation: is a justice given by the first crown for abusing or breaking a law of your chapter or a action that does not represent a “king”.( A violation can be a hit or a fine)

7) Probation: is a period of no less then two weeks and no more then two months instead of a hit or a fine a brother can be put on probation or get it all.

8) 1st Crown(Primera Corona): (President of the Chapter) His word is law and dominant over every word or proposal mentioned. Leader and organizer of the serving chapter.

9) 2nd Crown(Secunda Corona): (Vice President of the Chapter). His word is law and dominant over every word or proposal mentioned except for the Primers Corna.

10) Warlord: Minister of Defense and between opposing outsiders and insiders. Keeps record of all defense materials and enemy opposers.

I rather die on my feet
then to live on my knees…

11) Latin Kings will do their best to learn their heritage & culture.

12) A king is the foundation of his family he must provide structure & order plus build & multiply

13) Education expands the capacity of a kings knowledge forever.

14) Understanding of one’s knowledge and actual application forever.

15) Respect is the appreciation of one’s knowledge & understanding forever.

16) Four members of the executive board will make & see to it’s implementation of all decisions concerning the governing of our residing chapter.

17) The 1st crown will lead the nation & the executive board. His word is law and shall always be respected.

18) SunKing / Godfather – A position of knowledge. A supreme king counsel.

19) Supreme King – leads more than one chapter. He leads & governs all 1st crown.

20) Ancient King is a brother who has moved on or is inactive. A king with many years of knowledge.

21) A king will fast for 2 days, 24 times a year. The 2 days will be on the 11th & 12th of every month. L&K are the 11th & 12th letters of the alphabet, the fast will start at dawn & end at dusk.

22) A king shall give offering to his nation.

23) A prince/prospect will be sponsored by a king, who has learned the lesson.

24) Any king who violates the crown or nation will be severely penalized by the brother or executive board.

25) A king will never be alone, a king is blood, family and of the nation!

26) A king blood is sacred, it will live forever, the blood that flows through his heart is the river of life that keeps the nation 360° strong!!

Laws and Rules

No king will swing or hurt another king without proper authorization. (proper authorization will be that of all officers, after investigation)

One meeting per week, usually Saturday or Sunday. One meeting for officers only! The other with swords, upon officer request, swords will guard, guards are required at all times.

Kings must stay together, at least walk in two’s

Extortion is out! Homo’s are out! Shooting up is out! Smoking drugs is out! Smoking drugs from a pipe is out unless it’s weed or hash!

Disrespecting a Kings wife or mistress is out! Gambling is out! Playing and joking is out! No putting no god, family, religion before the nation!

Black and gold jackets or sweaters and vice/versa.

Dues (1) pack, one each commissary and ect…if possible.

Writing to you brother in the nation:

When you write to someone in the nation always use black ink, only!
Use a different color ink if your in a situation where you can’t, then you write with what ever you have, giving your brother your apology.
When starting a scrib, start it like this:

I come to you with my right fist upon my heart, for sincerity, right up to 360° of strong king wisdom for: Respect, Honesty, Unity, Knowledge and Love, Boom! (Amor De Rey).

When ending your scibe you end it like this:

I’m signing off with my right fist upon my heart for sincerity, right up to 360° degrees of strong king wisdom, Boom!

Thankyou for taking a deeper Look at what you do not Understand. AllAsOne.

Zeus G

Locz and FOLKS?

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Greetingz of Love, Honor and Respect to all FOLKS…

I am going to address today tha alliance of FOLKS and Cripz in various placez. Yes, it is true that some FOLKS have an alliance with Cripz in hoodz where FOLKS are scarce and many enemiez reside. This Does NOT mean we share Lit with them or give them our PDK… If they are not sworn to uphold our Lawz, Policiez, Conceptz and Ideologiez, then they have no business Knowing any of our secretz, no matter how much has become public Knowledge.  I have been allied with Bloodz in a riot against white gangz in prison. That doesn’t require telling them secretz we are meant to carry with us to tha Grave.

This is madness and it producez more false flaggin’ and more chaos from people we have no true Rule over. Tookie abandoned tha Cripz where Hoover gave His FOLKS a set of Conceptz that will uplift and enlighten all who choose to utilize it. We are not adopting rebellious children into tha Nation.  Rather, we are shedding our own dead weight to Grow in strength and Unity.

I have no more to say on this issue Right now. VLz and Bloodz have this same problem as we do and it deterioratez what is pure and Beautiful. Let us not forget what we represent in tha pursuit of an alliance with those who do not stand upon tha 6. AllAsOne. Plenty Much Love…

UNITY starts with U-N-I

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Greetingz FOLKS

I open this missive with Love,Honor and Respect…

I have been seeing too much arguing and bickering going on amongst my peerz and I want to take time to address it as it should be. B.O.S&S.O.S, I Know that when you see so many of us take bulletz and sacrifice yearz of freedom for tha Righteous Cause or even in errant actz, you burn to see a fakester spreadin tha wrong information or show off our sacred,even if old, Knowledge to e’rybody for tha sake of seeming to Know sum’m.  But tha way we go about addressing it must be done in tha manner of sophisticated Gz,Dz and other FOLKS, for #1 we are showing e’rybody disunity, #2 we are disgracing our Founderz and Governing Body and #3 we are deterring those of us who seek Knowledge from coming to us in pursuit of Enlightenment.  We need to stop posting Lit all over tha web, stop bringing heat on tha 14 by disrespecting other groupz all tha time, and stop thinking that there is no chance that we were perhapz misled on an issue or ten along our Walk, because it is natural and human for mistakez to be made. Ask how Mr. Hoover gave us tha phrase “a thousand pardonz” which we say when we catch ourselvez in violation of Lawz, Policiez, Conceptz or Ideology.  I will not share that PDK publicly but I can easily be contacted via youtube personal messagez, or even on MySpace. Some of yall can call me. There is no reason that any VLz or LKz or BPSz or anyone should be laughing at our petty bickering and ego tripz.

I believe in AllAsOne enough to Live and Die for it. Tha reason that it is so hard to litigate for Hoover’z Freedom is because we have so much display of our failure to Grow&Develop within tha lower ranking membership. We are not children to be arguing amongst ourselvez about this and that and tha other. Tha Honorable Chairman has outlined his intentionz for us all and if you are a GD, you have one choice, and that is to get in step with tha Movement or to be considered Dead Weight and be plugged out.  You need to begin holding your headz high and demonstrating Dignity and Integrity to shake tha stereotypez that have been pinned on this Nation by Fedz and Mayor Daley’z extensive effortz. Wallace “Gator” Bradley has shown us that it is possible to overcome all tha negativity and take power from tha less deserving politicianz who want us to be stacked up out of sight in high-rises and projectz.

Do you like seeing tha trash covering our hoodz? Do you enjoy seeing kidz in casketz when bulletz miss they target? Do you like seeing copz using probable cause as a means to treat us like rabid animalz?  Or do you like going to visit relativez in jail who got dope planted on them by crooked officerz whose Word is believed on tha basis of tha general population’z actionz and conduct?

I say we take this GREAT & DIGNIFIED NATION back from tha 666 who are disgracing it and dulling Its shine!!!  I say we Stand Up and be Accounted for as Law Demandz we do!!! You cannot be a GD if you do not actually Live by tha Conceptz tha Chairman and Executive Staff have Defined as tha example of what a Righteous B/S.O.S  is. That’z like Judas try’na tell us how to be true Christianz. I want my babiez to Grow up and be proud of tha Life I Lived and of tha Nation I had a part in establishing as a reckoning power…

Nothing givez you tha Right to assume that you are better than tha next FOLKS by any degree, because guess what: WE ARE ALL AS ONE. Whatever you do reflectz on me and on all our Nation. If we got a G who molestz a child, you are as Guilty as he if he livez to brag on it. I have actually taught FOLKS how to read and write!!! I cannot judge my Brother or Sister based on how far my Development has come. All of us were babiez and we all had to crawl before we stood tall. We all boo-boo’d in our pamperz at some point, and Gangsterz, shit happenz. We Grow. I once read that tha opposite of Growth is Death and I will be God-damned and dog-f***ed before I allow MY NATION TO DIE. You are either with it or against it. It is simple yet complicated. It is easy to be a web warrior or a gang-banger who has no real directive or Law to follow. Tha Struggle is tha basis of our Unity, and it is a Struggle cuz it is tough! It is hard to Maintain, let alone to Manipulate and Monopolize tha general situation. I Know we surrounded on all sidez by Struggle, but it is time to see beyond tha difficulty and search for tha solutionz, but if we come to eachother with Love, Honor and Respect instead of a sense of superiority, we can and WILL overcome all obstaclez.

Let us be slower to criticize and quicker to encourage. We need to utilize our Understanding to share Knowledge in small dosagez where we see a need and a desire to make progress in this Life, individually and as a whole. We are Disciplez and FOLKS, so let us now act like it. I close as I opened this epistle, with Love,Honor and Respect. ALLasONE.

Hello world!

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 B.O.S Love

I greet all of you with Love,Honor and Respect…

I would like to address those of my FOLKS who claim to have so much Love for tha Nation they claim but who do not fully represent tha essence of tha Conceptz and Ideology put forth to us by tha Governing Body.

 Love is an action and Respect that we must show eachother AND our Honorable Chairman. We need to examine what wayz we show Love. Firstly, we have a lot of youngsterz who believe that it is Love they show when they disrespect other groupz and individualz that are not of tha 6 point Nation. When you do this,shorty, you create more hatred towardz memberz of tha Nation and create more elementz of violence that will put more FOLKS in casketz. This meanz more lost bastardz walkin around with gunz and grudgez and more daughterz gettin raped and pimped because daddy(your dead Brother) is dead. You helped Murder him!!!

 My advice to you is to focus less on bringin down those whom you see as enemiez and more on uplifting those you see as your FOLKS. Read more to gain more Understanding of tha oppressive elementz that created a need for our Organization in tha first place, for you cannot fight that which you cannot see.  Check how slavery evolved to sharecropping which died and caused migrationz of blackz to big citiez where high-risez were built to keep minoritiez in one place so that tha whitez didn’t have to be burdened with seeing them in their neighborhoodz. Tha fact standz that tha federal bureau of investigationz is alwayz striving to see us fighting amongst ourselvez so that we may be kept in what they perceive to be our place: tha bottom. We are supposed to possess a sense of Dignity and Integrity. When I see yall publicly chastising eachother, I AM SADDENED BY IT. You are supposed to take them to tha side and impart your Knowledge to them in small degreez at a time to ensure that they may Grow from your Wordz of enlightenment and not be both over-fed and unrighteously empowered by Knowledge that they are not yet Developed enough to be wielding like a weapon. All that you do is directly reflecting on our imprisoned Chairman. He has sacrificed his whole Life and yall repay him with more proof that you are just death-dealin gang-bangerz instead of upstanding and Dignified FOLKS that can do anythang with nothing…

When you see a Brother going tha wrong way, Lead by example and intelligent Wordz to see them on tha Righteous path. Walk with your head held high for a Reason. Demonstrate what makez you believe your Nation superiority comez from… I Love yall. I will die for yall and I will Live for yall as I vowed to you and to GoD.

You may find me when you seek me. AllAsOne.